“Who’s your fashion mentor / inspiration?”

“I draw inspiration from my experience as a designer and my experience working in fashion for over 5 years.

I tend to look at the latest of the elite fashion houses runway collections to keep inspired though it's not the bases of truly where my inspiration is merged from.

Studying as a designer for 4 1/2 years I learn't the value of mastering colour combinations, texture blends and souly styles and looks to complete and finesse my design skills as a graphic and digital designer working in advertising.
How ever throughout the years I have discovered my forte was purely fashion directed and working as a fashion stylist gave me insight to understand what men and women admire in a key outfit look.”


“When did you started paying attention to your style, what triggered it?”

“I started noticing my attention to details when studying as a designer and working in the mainstream fashion world then moving up into working in the luxury fashion world made me realize that sometimes the brand doesn't make the look nor does the value of what the brands items are worth make the difference.
It's the style that refines the look and finesses the outfit.”


“Why do you blog/run IG page?

What’s your motivation and goal?”

“Thats a funny question actually, because I always like dressing different to every body else how ever a being a fashion blogger was never in the picture, I had so many friends and work colleague try to push me to start a fashion blog 3 years ago, because of the way I used to dress.
However though it's only when I kept many random compliments when on outing or casual outing occasions that made me want to inspire others, because at that moment I realised I was impacting the people around me in good positive way, strangers were approaching me saying
" Hey nice outfit, or hey I really like your style are you a model ? " I'd laugh and say no I'm not but thank you anyway for your kind feedback.
So all it took was enough courage to build and get a work colleges best friend who was a professional photographer to make me one photo shoot to try out this idea of perhaps making a photo shoot. The rest was history from that point onwards.”


“What are you favorite colors?

What are your favorite materials/textures?”

“I love all colours and embrace them all even though some colours may not suite me particularly, I still embrace them and love to mix and match leathers, fabrications and patterns.”


“If you had to pick only one fashion piece you can’t live without, what would it be?”

“That's a hard one because 95% of items on my blog are all my own collected and purchased investment pieces it's hard to love one when you love them all.”


“Other than fashion, in what ways do express yourself ?”

“Anything that involves creativity that's my passion and that's what drives me to do what I do.
Whether it's graphic designing, painting, drawing, photography or creative directing to create a new concept idea for an advertising campaign for a client all in all I love to express my passion for being a creative designer.”


“What does “Dapper” means to you? What is being “Dapper" ?”

“Dapper to me is more of a way of lifestyle it's not specifically how you dress or look to me it's behaving all day everyday like a well sophisticated gentleman that doesn't have pride though is genuinely passionate about everything he does in his life and makes the most of life to every point of his life.”


“What affordable way could you suggest to other men to keep their style sharp”

“Build a wardrobe defined and refined by quality and not quantity. Purchase simple designed items such as eg: basic coloured tshirts, sweaters, blazers, chinos and jackets to mix and match to recreate many different outfits. Brake apart your suit and only wear the blazer with denim and a nice shirt and smart shoes, at the same time use just the suit pants with a nice over coat or leather jacket and a scarf and casual shoes to create another look.
The styles and options are endless.......
You need to think outside the box.”


“What’s your favorite DapperTime product?

“The DT Goldstar: smart and charming also known as sophisticated and elegant.”




That’s It! Thanks!